Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to integrate biometric fingerprint authentication into your web application project using Php, JavaScript and HTML web technologies

Integrating biometric fingerprint authentication into web applications is easy and the average software developer will develop Web code in Php, Javascript, HTML and MySQL then integrate fingerprint registration and identification into their web application project in less than 15 minutes if they have the required skills and everything needed at their disposal.

Skills needed to successfully integrate fingerprint authentication to a web application;

a). Programming language skills needed
i.                    Php (Skill level is average)
ii.                  JavaScript (Skill level is average)
iii.                HTML (Skill level is average)
iv.                 MySQL (Skill level is average)

b). Coding experience required is average. You do not need to have coded for years to add web fingerprint authentication to a web application.

A web developer need only have basic average skills in all the above to be able to add biometric fingerprint authentication module to a web application. Anyone who has developed a login authentication module for a web application with a database back-end will find this to be an easy task.

So what else is needed to develop a web application with biometric fingerprint authentication features?

a). Hardware
i. Digitalpersona Fingerprint Reader of either type 4000 or 4000b or 4500 or 5100 or 5160 or 5300 USB modules.

You will require ‘Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module’ which you will get from our website here https://jomutech.com/WebBrowserBiometricFingerprintAuthenticationPHPSoftwareCode.php

Once you have your preferred fingerprint reader from the choices above and have acquired ‘Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module’, now you are ready for the next big step ( to add biometric fingerprint authentication to your web project).

This is how to go about it;
i.                    Install the Runtime provided with the ‘Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module’. If your workstation’s architecture is 32 bit, install the 32 bit version otherwise if it is a 64 bit then proceed to install a 64 bit version of the RTE.
ii.                  Restart your computer then plug in your digitalpersona fingerprint reader.
iii.                In the htdocs folder of your web server (I am assuming you are using XAMPP) extract phpfingermodule.zip there (in the end you will have a phpfingermodule folder with project files).
iv.                 Change 'db.php' in 'phpfingermodule' folder to suit your MySQL database credentials.
Now you are set and ready to begin but first, you will need to know how to run Fingerprint Registration on Web and how to run Web Fingerprint Identification.

Running Web Fingerprint Registration in Php
Run this URL from your internet explorer browser
Here is a screenshot resembling how your web fingerprint registration page code in php should look like https://jomutech.com/img/biowebfingerauth/fingerreg3.jpg

Running Web Fingerprint Identification in Php
Run this URL from your internet explorer browser
Here is a screenshot resembling how your web fingerprint verification page code in php should look like https://jomutech.com/img/biowebfingerauth/fingervery1.jpg or https://jomutech.com/img/biowebfingerauth/fingervery2.jpg

If the fingerprint is authenticated, you will get redirected to http://localhost/phpfingermodule/Retrieve_user_identification_no.php  otherwise nothing happens on your webpage.

Feel free to do whatever you wish after this step including learning how to do fingerprint registration and identification on web using php, javascript and html. You can even decide to use another database other than MySQL

Please do not forget to change / alter settings in 'explorer' to allow for running of Active-X components and Active Scripts.